The Optimized Jobseeker: Introduction

Why Being a Proactive Job Seeker is the Key to Your Next Career

Treat the job hunt as your job.

You have probably heard this piece of advice before. It means adhering to a schedule and setting aside hours in the day to the hunt. It means giving your applications your undivided attention. Ultimately. It means taking ownership of your time spent at the desk as if you were being paid for it.

This is a solid piece of advice, especially for full-time jobseekers. Adhering to a consistent schedule will help you dedicate a reliable and measurable amount of time to finding a job. The consistent and disciplined schedule can also help you to avoid falling into a bad daily routine.

Unfortunately, a job hunt does not have the structure of a traditional workplace. You do not have a supervisor who will care if you show up a half hour late. Nobody will notice if you spend all day at your desk and accomplish nothing. Companies will not be hounding you for your application.

Ultimately, you are your own boss. This means you must conquer your own bad habits and hold yourself accountable. So…

Treat the job hunt as your job.

Treat this time as an opportunity for you to build the skills necessary to hit the ground running at your next position. Time management, goal orientation and communication skills do not become irrelevant as soon as you land a position. Honing these skills now will help you advance in the future.

When done right, your job hunt can be an opportunity to

  • become a self-directed worker
  • improve your business communication skills,
  • learn how to network and sell yourself, and
  • manage stress and improve your mental health.

In the coming articles, we will be exploring the tools that can help you make the most of your job hunt.

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