The Optimized Jobseeker: Closing Thoughts

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We have spent the past few weeks exploring how to improve your job search. From reviving an inactive LinkedIn profile and revamping your productivity to seeking out local resources to aid you in your hunt, there is no shortage of ways for you to stand out from the crowd.
As we close out this series, we want to leave a few parting points.

Bring Receipts
Whenever you can, back up the skills you advertise on your résumé. Whether they are specific technical skills or soft skills, make sure you provide any possible examples.
Put your experience into numbers if you can. For example, if you have experience onboarding new hires, provide a figure for your average group size.

Stay Positive
The job hunt can take a while and involve a lot of rejection. Your job hunt will likely be a marathon as opposed to a dash.
See every application and interview as another step toward your employment. Learn from each attempt and take note of any offered feedback.

Always be Networking
Networking is one of the strongest career advancement tools. Make sure to keep your LinkedIn updated and add any relevant connections. In addition, reach out to professional organizations in the area and get your name out there.

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