Happy Holidays from Torrey & Co.

We are now in the heat of the Holiday Season. In keeping with the spirit of the season, we want to highlight a festively appropriate element of company culture: appreciation.

Effective displays of appreciation can boost morale, reinforce positive behaviours, and establish a culture of mutual appreciation. If you are looking to provide the extra boost to your team, consider these three “S”s of effective appreciation.


A general “good job” is better than nothing, but it is not very memorable. The best shows of appreciation recognize specific contributions.  These contributions do not have to be world-changing, but make sure they had required some effort.


When you chose to express your gratitude, make sure that you are being genuine. Hollow praise can come across as condescending. You do not want your efforts to end up being counterproductive.

If necessary, take the time to get a better understanding of your teammates’ day-to-day contributions. Do not feel rushed to provide positive feedback.


A spontaneous show of appreciation can stick with someone for months, and it can help reinforce positive behaviours in the workplace. Do not restrict positive feedback to performance appraisals or requests for feedback.

Of course, make sure you are still providing the appropriate feedback when expected. Just do not limit yourself.

We would like to wish our readers a happy Holiday Season. We hope you stay safe and, as best you can, connected with your loved ones.

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