Five Tips for Policy Compliance

Policies and procedures are vital to providing structure to your workplace. From security and health to accessibility and privacy, your documented policies and procedures lay the foundation for how your business should operate.

But how do you bridge the gap between company policy and employee practice? How do you ensure your policies and procedures are not just for show?

Today we will be looking at five ways to keep your workplace compliant with established policies and procedures.

1. Make your policies accessible

The first step towards compliance is to ensure that the relevant materials are accessible. Employees should be able to easily find a copy of the policies and procedures they are supposed to follow. Accessibility, however, goes beyond physical location.

Your employees should be able to navigate the documents once they are retrieved. While policies tend to be dry documents, they should still be clearly written and consistently formatted. An accurate table of contents and glossary are crucial for larger procedure manuals. 

2. Provide practical training

Training, particularly onboarding, is crucial to instilling knowledge of policy details in your staff. With the rush to onboard, you may be tempted to touch on all required materials as quickly as possible and move on. However, failing to properly build a foundation of policy compliance from the start can open your business up to liability down the road.

Whether it is accessibility, cybersecurity or health and safety, ensure your trainers are confident and knowledgeable with the materials. Encourage questions among your audience and take this opportunity to build policy compliance into your company culture.

3. Integrate with other materials

Ensure all training materials and Standard Operating Procedures are consistent with your established policies. The last thing you want is to have employee reference materials contradict your established policies, especially when dealing with safety and cybersecurity.

4. Institute regular policy reviews

Set aside time in your business’s slowest weeks for an annual review of your key policies. Maintain records of these reviews to ensure that your workplace is consistently refreshing their knowledge of your policies and keeping abreast of any changes.

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