Do You Need an HR Health Check?

Do You Need an HR Health Check?

As a business owner, you already have significant demands on your attention. As your business grows, it can be easy for important tasks to fall through the cracks despite your best efforts. Leaving legislative compliance and HR infrastructure unnoticed, however, can lead to liability and employee turnover.

For many growing businesses, an HR Health Check is an important tool for determining how well things are going behind the scenes. Having an experienced HR professional evaluate your business can give you security and peace of mind. This lets you focus on your long-term goals.

There are many signs that a business can benefit from an HR Health Check. Some are more easily spotted than others.

Today, we will be looking at a few signs that your workplace may be in need of this solution.

Scrambling to Comply

Organizations without HR oversight may find themselves struggling to keep up with legislative compliance. Be it documentation, training, or postings, you may have justified apprehension over what you may have missed.

HR experts can give you insight into how to bring your workplace up to speed with health and safety, training, accessibility, and more.

Unclear offboarding procedures

From time to time, you will need to let an employee go. Whether through resignation or termination, your organization needs to get the offboarding process right to limit liability and security risks.

If your workplace does not have an offboarding process in which you feel confident, you may need an experienced professional to help you minimize the risk to your organization.

Employee relations issues

Where there are people working together, there will be challenges. From disciplines to investigations, companies that do not have clear HR processes needlessly expose themselves to liability.

Ask yourself if your workplace has proper procedures for the following:

  • incident investigations
  • complaint follow-ups
  • return-to-work accommodations
  • employee discipline/corrective actions

Toxic culture

When cultivated properly, your organization’s culture can keep your staff positive, focused, and efficient. When culture is neglected, issues like employee disengagement, office politics, and communication breakdown can derail your workplace.

If you have experienced an uptick in workplace tension, you may need to look at what kind of culture is being fostered.

There are many signs that you may input from an HR consultant. If you feel that you need professional input, or if you just want to make sure your workplace is both compliant and efficient, do not hesitate to reach out us at Torrey & Co.

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