3 Workplace Resolutions for 2021

Since our last post, we have all celebrated the coming of 2021. With this new year comes a new round of personal resolutions. As you are pondering how to make the most out of this year, why not turn your attention to the workplace?

Today, we will be covering three areas you should consider when improving your workplace over 2021.

1. Set Up Review Reminders

Policy review is important, especially for growing businesses with changing workplace environments. Take an inventory of all policies and determine how often they should be reviewed. A good place to start is your Health and Safety Policy (which should be reviewed annually).

From here, set reminders on your calendar to review the policies at the appropriate dates and frequencies.

2. Create/Update Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) preserve the institutional memory of your organization. You may already have one or two employees who know processes that are not written down.

Make it this year’s goal to get all your organization’s routine operations documented. Make sure each department has its documentation both up-to-date and accessible.

3. Plan a Pandemic Post-Mortem

COVID-19 has presented organizations everywhere with unique challenges. Many workplaces have had to find online alternatives to workdays, education, meetings, and networking.

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