2021 Resolutions for Jobseekers

Last week, we explored when resolutions can be applied to improve a workplace in 2021. For the benefit of our job-seeking readers, we want to look at what resolutions you could follow to make your year a success.

Create an accomplishment portfolio

If you are in a creative field, you probably already have a portfolio that showcases your abilities. However, if you are non-creative, you can still apply the principles of a portfolio to your own experience.

Use details of volunteer and work projects you have undertaken to create a portfolio of your professional accomplishments. This portfolio can be a valuable reference for job applications and performance reviews. As it will be something you create for yourself, you do not need to worry about making it “presentation ready”. Just make sure you can easily access it when you need to prepare for an interview or craft a cover letter.

Complete a professional course

With online platforms like Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, as well as Institutions like St. John Ambulance, it has never been easier to broaden your horizons. Determine how much time and money you can set aside and find a course that will make you a more attractive job candidate.

Something as simple as an active First Aid certificate can distinguish you from your competition in an applicant pool.

Refine your emails

Even with the advent of new platforms, email is still a cornerstone of professional communications. Unfortunately, organizations are often plagued with poorly written emails at all levels.

When written well, an email can become a valuable source of information that leaves a positive impression. A poorly written email, however, can frustrate the recipient and damage your reputation and credibility. This danger is even more pertinent to jobseekers who only have one shot to impress an employer.

If you are looking to improve your emails, you can start with our September article on proper email etiquette.

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