Policy and Procedure Management

Policy and Procedures are the basis of any company.  They outline the guidelines and processes that the company will follow.  It is important for every business to have good policies and procedures that are up to date with the latest in legislative requirements to ensure that your company is compliant.

Strategic HR Planning

As your company achieves it's goals, some thought should be given to the HR side of your organization.  Our company can support you in building a strategic plan that will help your company achieve future goals that will help to make your organization successful.

Employee Training

Training is just as important as having policies and procredures in place.  Employees need to be trained in not only legislative requirements but also on other processes and procedures that your company has in place.  Our company can help to create a training program that is tailored to your organization.

Coaching & Mentoring

Sometimes in organizations managers and supervisors are fantastic at what they do but need a little help with some of the softer skills, such as employee management, how to handle difficult situations, and how to motivate and train different people. Our company can help to provide your managers and supervisors with some of these tools and act as a resource in specific situations to help your company thrive.

Recruitment & Onboarding

It is important that you hire the right people for your business.  Sometimes finding that right fit can be a challenge.  Our company will work with you throughout the entire recruitment and onboarding process to help you to have the right people for the job.

Employee  Engagement

Employees are quite often the life blood of any company.  It is important that employees are treated well and enjoy their work environment.  Research shows that when employees like their jobs and work environment, it tends to lead to less turnover and better productivity.  We can help to create a program that is tailored to your organization that will help to motivate and keep your employees happy.

Employee Relations

There are times where you may have to deal with a difficult situation regarding your employees, whether it be behavioural and disciplinary problems, investigations, or return to work accommodations.  In all of these situations it is important that they are handled correctly in order to limit your liability in the future.  Our company will be there to help to facilitate these situations in order to ensure that all your bases are covered.

Terminations & Offboarding

It is a reality that not every employee hired will work out.  Quite often we try our best to hire what we believe to be the best person for the job but sometimes that is not the case.  Employees also may decide for a number of reasons to move on from the company. When these situations occur it is important that certain aspects are assessed to help minimize the risk to the company.  We can help to terminate and offboard employees to ensure that you are limiting your liability.

Program Development

It is important that companies have programs in place that will help to clarify objectives and expectations, and promote company culture.   Many of these programs and initiatives can be very budget friendly.  Our company can help you with program development tailored to your organization.  Some examples would be: Pay and Progression, Recruiting and Promoting from within, and Company Wellness Programs.


How can we help you?

You are good at what it is that you do.  In small and medium sized businesses there isn't always the resources available to have in house HR.  By outsourcing to a company like us, it eliminates that barrier for you and helps to strengthen your organization at a fraction of the cost of in house Human Resources. It also allows you to focus on doing what you are good at and not having to worry that you might be open to liability.

Why use an HR Consulting Firm?

By using a firm like us it allows you to have the confidence that your organization is legislatively compliant and limiting your liability.  Here at Torrey & Co. we are invested in our clients success and will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a tailored program that compliments your organization and works towards ensuring your success.


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